Axisuite is a unique and dedicated software tool to model automotive exhaust after treatment.

Axisuite® is a paradigm of science turned into technology to benefit the industry, the consumer and the environment. It is the outcome of multi-year efforts of a devoted multidisciplinary group of mechanical, chemical, and so ware engineers.

Axisuite® is used across the complete development process from preliminary design to detailed optimization and system control. Spanning from 1-D to 3-D with unbelievable flexibility and calculation speed, it enables the setup and simulation of complete exhaust systems in minutes.

How can axisuite help you improve your development processes?

Axisuite has a broad range of applications in the development and optimization of exhaust systems, from investigating the effect of DPF shape on partial regeneraton performance, to optimizing the urea injection strategy in a complicated exhaust system. Find more details in the applications section.


Exothermia was born in 2007 as a spin-off from Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (LAT),Aristotle University Thessaloniki in Greece. Our strong links with LAT guarantees our innovative character, our access to brightest minds and to state-of-the-art testing facilities.


We are proud for our contribution in establishing CAE in exhaust a er-treatment with more than 100 recognized scientific papers.Our team, consisting of University professors, PhD researchers and engineers, carries valuable experience of more than 20 years of industrial partnerships

Products and services

We are committed to the highest quality of exhaust a er-treatment CAE. Our so ware and services are trusted by the leading OEMs, EAT suppliers and Universities around the globe.